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Welcome! Here in one place you'll find helpful information about the healthcare benefits you receive as an employee of a PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust (HBT) member school. We encourage you to explore this site and make the most of the comprehensive coverage you receive from the HBT.

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to your PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust member benefits portal!

What is the PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust?

The PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust (HBT) is a
self-funded consortium of independent schools, colleges, and universities in the state of Pennsylvania, which offers savings, stability, and innovative programs through scale and collaboration.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about the PAISBOA HBT and how we provide quality, affordable health care benefits for our members, click the button below. 

Learn More About Us!

To learn more about the PAISBOA HBT's mission, history, leadership, and membership, click on the button below. 

Need help navigating your benefits?

The Benefits Member Advocacy Center (MAC) is available to answer your benefit questions, help resolve claim issues, guide you through the enrollment process, and more!

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PAISBOA HBT Member Schools

Click within the map to view all of the Member Schools that participate in the PAISBOA HBT. 

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